Turkish Newborn Carry Nest Set CY-57006-4-20


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  • Carry nest
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Turkish newborn set

CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE:  Blanket (80 * 90), pillow (35 * 25), bottom opening (40 * 70)

PRODUCT CONTENT:  75% cotton and 25% polyester

It is produced in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standards.

It is a 100% Natural anti-allergic product.

With this multi-purpose set we produce, you can meet your baby’s many needs at the same time.


Please do not use bleach detergent in order to use our products longer.

Perform washing, ironing and drying operations in reverse order.

Color options are available.

Made in Turkey.

Our products are produced from first class raw materials, considering the health of your baby. It does not contain harmful chemicals for your baby.

It has international production techniques and safety standards with Azo-free paint and Nickel-free accessories. High quality standards are registered with Oexo-Tex Certificate.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

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